photo4The TSB, Technology Strategy Board are funding research trials with Dryden Aqua AFM and Biomatrix  to develop a water treatment systems that can achieve a 1 x 1 x 1 standard, (less than 1 mg/l BOD, 1 mg/l ammonium and less than 1 mg/l suspended solids)  The system is based on a ecological biofiltration with Biomatrix systems and the effluent is polished to the high standard by filtering the discharge with AFM.

AFM is used extensively in many countries for the filtration of municipal and industrial waste water. Effluent treatment plants typical discharge solids at around 20 to 30 mg/l.  On a single pass through a 1.2m deep AFM filter bed at a velocity of 10m/hr more than 95% of the the solids down to 5 microns can be removed by AFM.

Priority chemicals are present in most waste water but at very low concentrations.  While the concentrations may not be at detection level in some cases they can still build up in the  environment and cause serious ecological as well as human health problems.   Many of the most dangerous chemicals will be bound up in the bacterial cell biomass discharge from the treatment plants.  For the first time Dryden Aqua AFM offer the most efficient yet simply as well as low cost system to remove the solids and priority chemicals from the water.

Some of the priority chemicals may not be bound up in bacterial cell biomass.    AFM can still be applied because the activation process increases surface area by 300 times and is shaped to adsorb specific chemicals.  Indeed AFM can be engineered to remove a specific priority chemical from the water.


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