socttish water 218x109Dear Sir/Madam

I wish to confirm that Scottish Water has used AFM solutions and is in the process of developing a much closer working relationship with Dryden Aqua.

Scottish Water tested AFM on-line for approximately 1 year in 2004. The results demonstrated significant performance advantage over sand in relation to suspended solids/iron removal and process efficiencies. I can also confirm that Scottish Water has been using AFM for targeted effluent treatment for some 14 years with considerable success in the removal of solids and BOD reduction.

Scottish Water’s newly formed Research and Innovation team will, during 2012, commence a strategic research program into filter media and the wider water treatment process in order to demonstrate the performance of the media across Scotland – ensuring that the results are captured and communicated across our asset base. We fully expect the results to be repeated – leading to a wider programme of engagement and adoption with our AFM supplier.

I hope the above is helpful and would be pleased to speak further regarding our experience of using this product. Please do not hesitate to contact me on the number below.

Yours faithfully

Mark Haffey
R&D Technical Leader, Technology & Innovation Scottish Water

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