Dear Mark,

I did a PhD on the zeolite clinoptilolite for ammonium removal in freshwater systems by selective ion exchange filtration.

I would not recommend you use the media for the following reason.

The ion exchange capacity will be around 1 g of ammonium per 1 kg of zeolite,  so you need to use quite a large filter,  otherwise you will be regenerating with an alkaline brine solution every few hours to maybe several days.  Zeolites act as a perfect substrate for the growth of bacterium because of the availability of the ammonium to feed the organisms.  You may recall from my presentation in Atlantis that it was the availability of bacterium food,  not the presence of hypochlorous that dictated bacterium growth.

Bacterium secrete alginates, the alginates will glue the zeolite grains together and you will end up with serious biofouling of the zeolite which will result in compaction and channeling of unfiltered water through the filter bed, especially if you are using horizontal filters.  I think you would be much better off just using a good quality silica sand, with maybe anthracite on top of the sand.  This will give you better results than zeolites,  or you may consider the use of AFM Activated filter media.


On Thursday, 13 November 2014 14:01:18 UTC, Ryan Leasure wrote:

    Hi all,

    I am thinking about replacing sand with Zeolite to control ammonia spikes in our small indoor sea lion pool. Has anyone used this before? Any feed backs would be greatly appreciated.


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