Leisuredrome is a leisure centre in Bishopbriggs, on the outskirts of Glasgow, run by East Dunbartonshire Council. The swimming pool complex is one of the most frequently used in Scotland with up to 1200 visitors every day.

The 25-metre pool is more than 30 years old and recently underwent a complete refurbishment. The refurbishment provided the
opportunity for Leisuredrome to look into an alternative filtration system and in particular, a filter media that had a longer life than sand, which needs to be replaced every 4-5 years. Using a product from highly processed glass called Active Filter Media AFM®, SP Filtration installed a new filtration system at the pool, and the results to date in terms of cost savings, filter performance and enhanced public enjoyment are outstanding.

We have been very pleased with AFM® and it is proving to be a cost-effective,reliable and high performance system.

John Anderson, the Leisuredrome’s Operations Manager said:

“Using AFM® at the pool has been very successful. We were very interested when we first heard about AFM® because of the benefits it offered in terms of reduced bacterial build-up and costs savings as well as it being a recycled product. Although the cost of AFM® is higher than traditional sand, the savings made in the long run will more than outweigh these. Also, because of the lack of biofouling, we do not need to clean the filters as often. In fact, we have reduced the amount of water required for cleaning to less than half the usual amount. “We have been very pleased with AFM® and it is proving to be a cost-effective, reliable and high performance system. We have also had very positive feedback from users who have noticed that the odour is reduced and the water is crystal clear.”

Comments: John Anderson, Leisuredrome’s Operations Manager

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