100 0099Landfill leachate treatment using Dryden Aqua fine bubble air diffusers installed in systems from Saudi Arabia to Scotland

Dryden Aqua manufacture a high performance fine bubble drop-in air diffuser that are perfect for lagoons, tanks and lakes. The diffusers are 32 mm diameter by up to 3000 mm in length and pass 10 m3/hr of air at around 1 psi differential pressure.

Our diffusers are unique because they have their own internal glass bead ballast. All that you need to do is supply air to the diffuser through 1/2″ flexible hose, and drop the diffuser into the water to be treated. By way of example, if you wish to aerate a large lagoon (plastic or clay lined) then fit a pipe around the perimeter of the lagoon and then come off this with 1/2″ hose and fit a diffuser on the end and physically throw the diffuser in to the lagoon. Installation could not be simpler or quicker. Equally if you have just a small tank, then use one diffuser.

For maintenance you just do the reverse, pull on the 1/2″ hose to recover the diffuser. This can be accomplished when the air blowers are running and lagoon full of wastewater. For this reason our diffusers are now replacing membrane diffusers on grids installed into tanks.

In addition to our air diffusers, we also manufacture AFM® active filter media tertiary treatment systems to filter the water from the lagoons. The AFM® physically removes most of the solids to give crystal clear water. We are now aiming at 1 x 1 x 1 discharge, <1 mg/l NH4, <1 mg/l suspended solids, <1 mg/l BOD

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