Howard Dryden meets Al Gore and Amir Dossal

Meeting with Al Gore and Amir Dossal at World Policy Institute event to discuss emerging global challenges such as priority chemical pollution and climate change.

Climate change is caused by an increase in greenhouse gas CO2 as well as methane. The burning of fossil fuels is considered to be the primary mechanisms. However it is the opinion of Dryden Aqua that aquatic environmental pollution from priority chemicals impacting on marine biodiversity may play a more important role. GOES is about establishing a base line and dissemination of the information to raise Government, industrial and public awareness. We only have 25 years to stop the pollution before a cascade destabilisation of the marine ecosystem.

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Dryden Aqua are also conducting AFM research into the removal of priority chemicals from drinking water by selective molecular sieve adsorption. Priority chemicals affect everyone in the developed as well as developing world. The chemicals impact on our health and well being by disrupting our endocrine system or by causing cancer.

We have to stop using toxic chemicals and disposing them in the environment.  If this is not possible then we need the technology to remove them from the water.

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