dryox5 transparentHow it works

Hypochlorite or bleach is a poor biofilm disinfectant, even high concentrations above 50 mg/l of chlorine has little affect on the biofilm growing on any surface above or in contact with the water, this is why you will find Pseudomonas bacteria in all swimming pools and Legionella in around 30% of systems, including drinking water tanks, water features, showers, spas and hot-tubs. DryOx is different from chlorine, it  will diffuse through the slime to reach the bacteria and is much more effective and safer than strong bleach.

DryOx is provided in vacuum pack tablets that are safe to store and handle, it is approved in drinking water up to 0.4 mg/l.  To use, simply open the re-sealable foil bag, open the inner vacuum pack with a pair of scissors, and empty all the tablets in the clear polythene vacuum bag directly into the water.

The tables will sink and fizz to release the active chlorine.

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