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Dryden Aqua up-cycle green container glass into a water filtration media that replaces sand for the treatment of wastewater and drinking water.

The background

Dryden Aqua up-cycle green container glass into a water filtration media that replaces sand for the treatment of wastewater and drinking water. Active Filter Media (AFM) may be used in pressure, moving bed or gravity flow filters.

Currently we process up to 40,000 tonnes of container glass, which is equivalent to 25% of the glass in Scotland. In 3 years we will be in a position to up-cycle all the green glass in the country.

Once the glass has been reduced to a very precise particle size and shape, the surface structure and chemistry is altered to turn the glass into a molecular sieve to adsorb particles from the water that would be too small to mechanically filter.

The activated surface also has the potential to adsorb priority substances, such as arsenic, hexavalent chromium, PCB’s and organic tins.

What did we do

Active Filter Media

We have been conducting research and development for almost 30 years on AFM. From 1995 a small scale production facility had a capacity to produce 2000 tonnes per year.

In 2013 we designed and constructed the most sophisticated glass processing facility in Europe with a capacity of 40,000 tonnes.

The new facility not only permitted an increase in production it also allowed us to refine the performance of the product and provided more flexibility with the activation. Sand and most filter media will only remove particles from the water down to approximately 20 microns. However through a process of electrical attraction it is possible to remove much smaller particles that include parasites, bacteria and even viri.

The result

AFM has been independently tested by IFTS, grade 0 AFM can remove >97% of all particles from the water down to 1 micron.

What does this mean?

In the developing world around 80% of all disease is from drinking contaminated water. Of all the infections more than 60% are from parasites such as cryptosporidium, giardia and nematodes. The organisms cause gastroenteritis and dehydration in children, which is very serious.

AFM grade 0 can be used in a very simple gravity flow filter; 1000 kg of media will treat up to 5000 litres of water per hour and remove all of the parasites. Power consumption, approx. 200 watts from solar cells. AFM grade 0 is therefore a solution for almost 50% of all disease in the developing world, and it can be achieved at a very low cost with no chemicals. The water is mechanically very clean, and if a tablet of calcium hypochlorite I added, all bacteria will also be killed.

The personal pitch

Sand cannot achieve the same performance, and technology such as membranes is too expensive for remote villages.

Considering that 93% of the population of India and Africa live in communities of less than 2000 people, AFM is the most appropriate technology, because it is simple, low cost yet very effective.

In the developed world our drinking water is also treated by sand filter. We guarantee AFM to double the filter performance and for performance to be maintained in accordance to the IFTS results for 10 years. AFM will last the life of the filtration system, and if the filtration system is closed down, all of the media may be returned to Dryden Aqua.

We deserve to win because; the health, social and economic benefits are huge. We have an environmental and social responsibility to insure everyone has access to clean safe water, AFM provides us with the opportunity and mechanism to meet these objectives.

Suppliers, contractors and solutions providers used

We have received great support from the European commission for a Live Environment project and also as part of www.eco-india.eu FP7 project.

Scottish Enterprise, Highlands & Islands Enterprise and Scottish Government have also been instrumental in allowing is to achieve the success

Links to relevant supporting materials

Manufacturing facility

Dryden Aqua in India and Bangladesh

Swimming pool water treatment, we have 100,000 pools in Europe

This article forms Dryden Aqua's submission into the Water Management category of the 2degrees Champions Awards 2015. It was written and submitted by Howard Dryden, CEO of Dryden Aqua.



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