news dubaiWhat happens when one of the worlds most vibrant cities needs a bespoke filtration system in one of its most prestigious attractions? The call in Dryden Aqua of course!

Last month (Oct 2012) our team headed over to the UAE where we appeared on National Television in Dubai.

We are also delighted to announce that we scooped first place at the ME Pool and Spa Exhibition for “Best Pools Facility Management* design of water treatment systems.

Dryden Aqua manufacture AFM, an activated filter media as part of the DAISY  (Dryden Aqua Integrated System) for pool water treatment. The DAISY system comprises of pressure sand filters containing AFM filtration media.  A ZPM static mixer is installed before and after the filters.  APF flocculation chemical is injected into the ZPM before the filters and ACO photocatalyst in the ZPM after the filters. news dubai awardThe combination gives the best possible water quality with over 25m visibility through the water and less than 0.05NTU turbidity.
You might wonder why you need such high quality water, well Dryden Aqua are Marine Biologists and have developed life support systems for many of the worlds largest aquaria.  We have also worked on the Burj al Arab and Dubai Mall systems.  If water quality is not perfect, then the animals contract disease. Exactly the same situation happens in swimming pools with people. The particles in the water that make the water cloudy are dead bacteria and bits of bacterium cell water. The water may look clean,  but if you can see a beam of light shinning through the water at night,  the only reason you see the beam is because of particles in the water which makes the water toxic (see...exotoxin, endotoxin).

If there is insufficient chlorine then there may also be living bacteria.  However dead bacteria are almost as dangerous as living bacteria and they will cause disease and allergic shock reactions within 1 to 24 hours.  Also if the water is turbid
<0.01 NTU then there will also be cryptosporidium and giardia parasites as well as nematodes. These organism can give serious disease but there will be a 10 day to 1 year delay with the infection.  These organisms can live in the pool water,  even with chlorine levels as high as 3 mg/l.  

Dryden Aqua is an ethical company and if we are aware of a potential health risk, then we eliminate that risk to provide the safest possible swimming experience. It also makes economic sense, nobody wants a system that places the public at risk,  but if you have very clean water it also means that the water will be blue in colour and there will be a low chlorine demand and this saves on chemicals. IMG 0352In the UAE the half life of chlorine is less than 1 hour due to photolysis by sunlight. Cyanuric acid may be used  but this reduces the available free chlorine and increase the Legionella risk.  This can be a major area of concen, especially if there are fountains.  Dryden Aqua ACO photocatalyst helps to protect chlorine from sunlight and at the same time it boosts the effectiveness of chlorine by up to 10 times.  

ACO is also perfect to use with UVc systems,  chlorine must always be used with UVc irradiation in order to provide residual disinfection in the pool. Dryden Aqua ACO allows UVc systems to be used more economically in swimming pools.

AFM is really easy to use as part of a Daisy system and is a much more effective process than  diatomaceous earth, perlite or regenerative water filtration systems.  These system are good mechanical filters, but they do not remove any chemicals from solution such as amino acids, peptides, creatine or urea.  Unless you remove these chemicals from the water  you will end up with either a high chlorine demand with water that stings your eyes or a disease risk  if you use too little chlorine.  To try and resolve these problems UV can be used,  however it forms chloroform and cyanide as an end product of photolysis and it does not solve the issue of a high chlorine demand, high running costs and a potentially more serious disease risk.

Chlorine free pools....not safe

It is absolutely essential that chlorine is used on any public swimming pool,  it is the only oxidising agent that will kill most bacteria in under 30 seconds. Without chorine there will always be a serious pathogenic risk.  Chlorine is not the problem,  it is the chlorine reaction products that sting your eyes and make it difficult to breath.  The Dryden Aqua AFM DAISY system solves this problem because we eliminated more than 90% of the toxic chlorine by products, this is why AFM is used with dolphins and killer whales.

photo4The engineers office in Dubai recognised the expertise of Dryden Aqua and this is why we won the Facilities Management Award for swimming pool water treatment system design.  In addition to swimming pools, we have aquarium systems, 3 horse swimming pools and even one for camels in Dubai.

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