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Dryden Aqua has been announced as one of 12 UK finalists for the 2014 European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE). The EBAE recognise outstanding, new or innovative contributions to sustainable development and promote today’s pioneering companies. The EBAE awards are presented by the European Commission every two years and aim to recognise and reward European companies that set an example by successfully bringing together innovation, economic viability and environmental concerns

AFM quality, certified for drinking water and technology verified under international ISO standards by IFTS to be the best filter water media in Europe
Dryden Aqua is proud to be selected as one of only 4 UK finalists for the product & service category and will compete on the European stage against winners from 28 countries. The UK Entrants were selected from the winners of the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) Accredited award schemes, which Dryden Aqua qualified for by winning VIBES awards for Circular Economy and the new Hydro-Nation category in 2013.

Crypto oocystsRSA Accreditation for Sustainable Development can only be achieved via a number of awards schemes and acts as mark of quality to those schemes that meet a robust set of criteria and by doing so demonstrate high quality and validity.

About AFM and water treatment
Dryden Aqua is competing in the product category with AFM and active filter media that replace sand in sand filters. Most of our drinking water is filtered by sand, and simply by changing the sand for AFM will double the performance of the filters. What does this mean...? in the developing world AFM could eliminate water based parasitic infections which account for nearly 25% of all disease. AFM can filter down to 1 micron with no precoagulation or flocculation, to physicaly remove parasites, this performance is imossible for sand.
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In developed countries it could reduce infection by around 2%. AFM will also reduce the cost of treating water by up to 25% by reducing energy, water and chemical consumption and by reducing chemical consumption we also reduce disinfection by-products and human chemical exposure. AFM also offers scope for the removal of priority chemicals.
The Awards Ceremony will take place on December 1st in Lyon. For more information click here

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