director general testing afmThe leading international test centre for water filtration technology visited Edinburgh manufacturer of AFM® water filtration media, Dryden Aqua on 6 December 2013.  Director General, Mr. Vincent Edery of IFTS (Institut de la Filtration et des Techniques Séparatives) delivered the results on the performance of AFM against other filtration media.  The results confirmed that Dryden Aqua water filtration media AFM®  & DGS are indeed performing over 10% better than sand, and that sand out performed all other glass filtration brands by a large margin.  This came as good news after some 20 years of R&D by Dr. Howard Dryden.
The results of the tested samples is the start of a long term product quality testing regime between IFTS and Dryden Aqua to insure that we continue to have the best water filtration media for all water industries
In terms of product water quality, AFM® is removing 30% more of the small particles from the water and this could translate to a reduction chlorine oxidation demand of up to 50%. The 50% reduction of chlorine consumption has been confirmed for the swimming pool industry, we now need to confirm the percentage for drinking water industry.

Mr. Vincent Edery commenting on Dryden Aqua's AFM® said: " The visit to Dryden Aqua is exactly what we hope to find in a company that invests so heavily in R&D.  They opened a new 40,000 tonne processing facility around a month ago and already the Dryden Aqua team have a mature and stable product which is outperforming sand and other all glass media tested.  I have been struck by the depth of scientific knowledge within the firm and their mission to push the boundaries to discover the potential of Activated Glass as a molecular sieve for water filtration. "

 Dryden Aqua manufacture two products, DGS (Dryden Glass Sand) and AFM which is an activated glass filter media.  Research and Development by Dryden Aqua is now focused on the development of AFM as a selective molecular sieve to remove priority toxic chemicals from both drinking water and wastewater.  We have the tools to be able to achieve this task we now just need the time to deliver the results.

Mike Causer, CEO of Ocean Projects and a distributor of Dryden Aqua's products in France said:  "We came to Edinburgh with twenty of France's top water engineers and architects.  Our French clients need to know that they are using the best systems and it was clear from the results of the IFTS tests that, via Dryden Aqua, Scotland is able to deliver safe clean water filtration techniques for all our clients with economies in both chemical use and energy consumption."  Causer, who is embarking on the design of one of the world's largest aquarium water filtration systems at Nausicaa, the French National Sea Centre was trained at Glasgow University and has worked with Dr Howard Dryden, Chairman at Dryden Aqua Group for most of his career.

Dr Dryden, a marine biologist with an international reputation said:  "We set out 30 years ago to design water filtration products for fish, but it was soon apparent that we need to address drinking water quality issues.  We have a good product and we are now fine tuning it to remove for example, arsenic, chromium, bacteria and parasites.  We are working closely with the Indian Government in West Bengal in rural areas where arsenic levels are 20 times higher the World Health Organisation’s recommendations.  Closer to home, AFM can reduce chemical and energy use in drinking water and waste water treatment, and across our 100,000 facilities, we have had no incidence of crytosporidium - which is a bug none of us wants to get, but which can make it's way through sand filters and is resistant to chlorine".

 Jim Scott, Scottish Enterprise said:  " This news comes at a good time in Scotland as it embarks on building it's brand for Scotland: A Hydro Nation.  The Scottish Government and Scottish enterprise have really got behind SME companies to help them get the recognition they deserve for their investment in water technologies which can deliver solutions not just here in Scotland, but right across the world.   I am sure Dryden Aqua's news is just the start of many more quality ticks of approval for businesses who operate in this growing sector.   We are delighted that Dryden Aqua chose IFTS - it is a dynamic, responsive and proactive organisation, led by the top PhD Engineers in the field of filtration.  

IFTS has been independently testing Solid Liquid Separations (SLS) for thirty years, its accreditation status and independence means it can respond to all kinds of requests from public or private sectors".

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