About ceramic diffusers

The Dryden aqua flat plate ceramic oxygen diffuser is perhaps the most robust and most efficient oxygen diffuser available to the water treatment,

ceramic oxygen frame

 process water and aquaculture industry, the transfer coeficient is close to 100% of the theoretical maximum.

Example 1 sea-live treatment of salmon

1 x DAD6 diffuser running at 6 litres per minute will deliver 500g of oxygen. This amount of oxygen will support 5 tonnes of salmon in a sea cage during sea-lice treatment with water temperatures below 15 deg C. At higher water temperature the biomass of fish that can be supported will be reduced.

When make a frame of 4 x DAD 6 diffusers, the frame will support up to 20 tonnes of salmon.  Oxygen transfer is almost 100% efficient with the Dryden Aqua diffusers.  A leading commercial fish farm treated 1000 tonnes of salmon supported by Dryden Aqua ceramic flat plate diffusers during sea-lice treatment and only 30 cylinders of oxygen were used by the farm. This was 1/2 the amount used by their previous flat plate diffuser. The diffusers were supplied in 2008, they are all still working which demonstrates the strength of our product.

Example 2. Fish transportation

The Dryden Aqua DAD6 is the standard diffuser used by most of the fish transportation industry to provide oxygen.   There are three key points;

  1. The diffuser is very efficient so you don`t need to carry more oxygen
  2. The Dryden Aqua diffuser is very strong and does not easily break
  3. Health and safety, if you manage to over pressurize a DAD diffuser with transient pulse or inline pressure over 20 bar, the ceramic will not fly off like a missile. It will simply crack to release the pressure and all the ceramic will be held in place.

1 x DAD diffuser is require in tanks from 1 to 2 cubm, but often 2 diffusers are used. The tank does not need 2 diffusers but this is a legacy from other ceramic diffuser that have a tendency to break. 2 diffuser are required for tanks at 4 cubm volume. Each diffuser will pass up to 6 liters/min, but they can be valved back to under 1 liter /minute.  The amount of oxygen actually required needs to be regulated by oxygen monitors.


Operating parameters

Dryden Aqua ceramic diffuser are designed to operate at 2.5 bar,  we pressure test them at up to 20 bar. 

Our diffusers are manufactured from a solid cast aluminum base which has been protected against corrosion. The ceramic plate is epoxy bonded into the cast, and prevented from experiencing any torsion moments, this can only be achieved by using a solid metal frame.  However strength is nothing unless you have a high transfer coefficient, and this respect our diffusers excel.  

The oxygen diffusion cloud comes out of our diffusers looks like milk.

ceramic oxygen diffuserSpecification

The diffusers can be used as individual units or we can manifold them on to a stainless steel frame.

  • Model   DAD600
  • Oxygen transfer better than 90% efficiency
  • Plate dimensions 400mm x 90mm
  • Overall dimensions 430mm x 100mm x 20mm
  • Maximum oxygen flow rate 6 litres per minute, 500g O2/hr
  • Operating pressure  approx between  2 – 2.5bar ( 32 to 40 psi)
  • Connection size 1/4″ bsp female threaded, supplied with 1/4″ or 3/8″hose tail, Compression fitting can also be fitted, sizes available at 6/4mm and 8/6mm hose fittings

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