The selectivity behaviour of clinoptilolite in the presence of the ionic species Na+, K+, Ca2+ and Mg2+ was determined for each ion relative to the ammonium ion NH4+ at a total solution concentration of 0·01 n. With the exception of the NH4+K+ exchange each of the binary exchange systems exhibited a degree of irreversibility and partial exchange. The selectivity sequence K+ > NH4+ > Na+ > Ca2+ > Mg2+ was determined and is consistent with the low change density structure of clinoptilolite. Comparison with other data for clinoptilolite suggests significant variations in the selectivity behaviour of the zeolite which may depend upon the source of the mineral. The isotherm data for the system NH4+Na+ confirm the potential of clinoptilolite as an ammonia removal technique for fish farm water treatment.

Original language English
Pages 51-68
Number of pages 18
Journal Aquacultural Engineering
Journal publication date 1987
Volume 6
Issue 1
State Published

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