Dryden Aqua manufacture a very unique drop-in air diffusers, the diffusers is in the form of a semi flexible tube, 32mm in diameter by up to 3000mm long. The diffuser has its own internal ballast and is considered to be the most efficient air diffuser available to industry.

1 x diffuser code 6.2.10, 3m long 10 cubm/hr will support 100PE population equivalent is sewage effluent treatment
1 x diffusers code 6.2.10, 3m long running at 10 cubm/hr will dissolved into the water between 20kg and 50 kg of oxygen per day
Transfer efficiency,  for 1 kw of energy expended  2 to 5 kg of oxygen will be dissolved into the water,

Solid diffusers have problems with carbonate and iron deposition in the stones which blocks the diffusers.  Solid diffuser are very difficult to clean  and maintain. Flexible membrane diffusers stay largely free of fouling, however they need a heavy frame or are anchored to the base of the aeration tank, this makes the diffusers much more expensive and difficult to handle, it  also makes them difficult to use in lagoons.

The Dryden Aqua diffuser is a hybrid unit, because it is semi flexible, carbonates and metal oxide precipitates simply crack off the unit. Also because our diffuser has its own internal ballast it does not need to be anchored to the base of the tank.  If any cleaning or maintenance is required,  the diffuser is simple pulled our of the tank using the air hose.  The tank can be full of water and the air blowers running when the diffuser is removed.

Life of diffuser...Normal operating life is from 5 to 10 year  with an oxygen transfer up to 5kg of oxygen per kw of energy expended, so they are also one of the most efficient air diffusers available.100 0099

  • Very efficient oxygen transfer, up to 5kg/kw/hr
  • Built in non return valve
  • Stainless steel and plastic construction
  • 10 year average life cycle
  • Simply dropped into tanks or lagoons
  • self ballasted, no need the anchor to the floor of tank or lagoon
  • Very easy installation and retrofits
  • Very easy to maintain, no need to drain tank

Dryden Aqua fine bubble low pressure drop air diffusers are perhaps the most efficient on the market today. The diffuser is in the form of a semi flexible tube, 32mm diameter by up to 3000mm long, air flow-rate up to 10m3/hr (for 3000mm long diffuser), oxygen transfer up to 2 kg/hr/diffuser, efficiency up to 5 kg/kw/hr. The diffuser has its own internal ballast so it does not need to anchored to the base of a tank, lagoon or a lake, you just connect onto flexible air hose and drop the diffuser in the water. Maintenance is also simple, just pull on the hose to recover the diffuser to give it a quick clean and then drop it back into the water.

COMMON APPLICATIONSsaudi arabia aeration system dryden aqua

  • Activated sludge aeration and mixing
  • Drinking water, blowing off THM's, Radon and other volatiles
  • Aquaculture & Public aquaria
  • Destratification of lakes
  • Algae bioreactor
  • Landfill leachate & industrial wastewater
  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Fluidised bed bio-reactors
  • Wetland water treatment systems

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