Meckow water in Africa use Dryden Aqua AFM in all of their filters



Independent verification by IFTS on grade 0 AFM (0.25 to 0.50mm psd) have confirmed a very high performance, >97% removal of all particles above 1 micron and >99.8% above 5 microns.  at a filtration velocity of 20m/hr with no pre-coagulation or flocculation.  

When operated at 1 to 5m/hr,  AFM grade 0 performance is better than 99.9%, it can therefore remove cryptosporidium, giaridia, nematodes and most parasites and large bacteria found in water.  

50% of all disease in developing countries is from drinking water and over half is from parasites that can be removed by AFM grade 0 with no chemicals.  If the product water from AFM is treated with chlorine or an oxidising agent to kill bacteria, then AFM will provide potable drinking water in compliance to WHO and European standards from almost any water source.

Technology to use AFM is really simple, pressure or gravity flow filters may be used.  The filter can be hand pumped, solar powered, wind powered or run off batteries as long as you have one hour of power per day.

A small filter of 1m in surface area can provide 2000 litres of water per hour, or 48,000 litres of water per day for a cost about 20 times lower than membrane technology.

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