babyWater supplies for hospitals must be as clean as possible,  especial for the intensive care units for babies. Tragically there have been incidents in hospitals in Northern Ireland and the UK.

AFM is now being used to treat the water entering the public facilities.  AFM filter media does not incubate Pseudomonas bacteria and it filters the water down to 1 micron, so it makes a huge difference to the performance of the water treatment system and the ability to control other bacteria such as Pseudomonas and Legionella.

A high percentage of the Pharmaceuticals entering Europe are manufactured in India and Bangladesh, usually the water supply is ground water that contains high concentrations of ferric and arsenic.  The Pharma industry also has major issues with bacteria fouling of their water supply and membrane systems.  AFM is now being used by multi national organisations such as Squares Pharmaceuticals as a solution to bacterial contamination issues.

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